Layered materials to complex

Hopefully epic will change this into a simple interface function.
Going through all those nodes just to create some simple texture on your landscape its time consuming and frustrating.

I think most of us just want to put on a texture and simply brush parts into it, but now you have to line up dozens of nodes which most of the time does not give the wanted effect anyway.
Nodes is very cool for creating other stuff, functions and all… but not for painting / texturing your landscape.

Please change this.

Thank you

That’s why you should use MaterialFunctions and encapsulate your layer in a separate function.

Yeah but that is the point. haha. :slight_smile:
If i take photoshop… i create new layer… and paint… even this works in cryengine.
These nodes are very cool, dont get me wrong… but for simple painting on top of layers… come on! :slight_smile:

I mean.

That is supposed to be simple snow :wink:
I am sure a lot of you have found a workflow with this, i just cant get over the fact that i need to “program” my textures onto my landscape.
The thing is… i am stuck on creating textures for my landscape, am new to unreal… and this node stuff for textures is too much, taking hours just to find out that you cant even find a normal lerp… as shown in the example.
Frustrating as hell, making a widget is easier. lol

So hopefully they will change this, by simply making it possible to add a layer which you can fill or brush on top of other layers…

The simple Lerp is called Linear Interpolate in the list, or you can hold “L” and left click in an empty space in the graph.

Since you’re new to Unreal, that snow material seems like a lot. But it really isn’t. In fact, most of the things being done in it are very common(normal strength, Roughness lerping, etc.) Material Layers don’t *have *to be complex, you can make a material using just the textures or colors. But because landscapes usually require a little more work to look good, Layered Materials work really well to give room for each individual layer to be detailed with plenty of options for control in the final material.

I’m not sure what the issue is with painting down a layer, that’s pretty straightforward and covered in most of the basic landscape tutorials.

Yeah i followed those, but when i make a weighted layer i can’t brush anything.
Its also my frustration, i am spending more time on texturing my landscape then anything else, without any satisfying result, following tuts on youtube from 10mn to an hour, just to understand texturing landscape…
I will get there :-)… but its still very frustrating, and i think (hope) that i am not the only one, that is why i think it should be a simpler process so you can focus more on the VScripting of actual functional stuff.

Maybe some of you have some usefull straightforward tips?, i watched to much tuts for now… lol

I must agree that this texturing system is a bit over the top. Ive worked with textures in Unity plenty of times but this is just plain crazy. Ive tried a dozen ways to create something I can actually paint with but it never shows up in the Target Layer list??? I’m at a loss.