Launching the "VR mode", via button in the UI in the 4.22.2

We have problem to launch the “VR mode”, via button in the UI. in the 4.22.2 version of the engine
In the 4.21.2 everything runs ok

Here’s what’s going on :
The problem occurs during the transition from “computer mode” to “VR mode”.
Right after clicking the VR mode button, when the engine attempts to launch the level in VR, one of two things happens :

  1. *(in the case of a large map) *the game with the editor turns off and the message “Unreal Engine” ends because of the loss of the D3D device. (Error: 0x887A0005 - “REMOVED”)
  2. *(in the case of small and occasionally large maps) *the map is loaded for a very long time, about 10-15 seconds

I tried to alternatively use ‘Execute Console Command’ vr.bEnableStereo 1 ‘’, but nothing has changed.

As I mention at the beginning, In the version 4.21, the error does not occur.
Appreciate any help

Kind Regards