Launching the Unreal Editor Now Crashes My Computer


This crash happens when I try to load up Unreal 4.20.2 from the Epic Launcher. When it gets to 100% the mouse becomes sluggish and then the computer completely crashes. and I have to do a hard shutdown. This happens before I’m able to see the project selection UI.

This is a new crash. It happened after I added the Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17134.0) to Windows Visual Studio 2017. Before I added that, it was not crashing, even with Windows Visual Studio 2017 installed.

I’m using Windows 7 64 bit on an SSD for my OS and main files are on my SATA HD.

Visual Studio is on my SSD and Unreal is on my SATA HD.


My goal was to compile the Action RPG Game. It had given me the error message.

"ERROR: Visual Studio 2017 requires the Universal CRT to be installed."

So I downloaded this - Update for Windows 7 (KB2999226) - Download Update for Windows 7 (KB2999226) from Official Microsoft Download Center

It didn’t help but it didn’t crash my system.

I read from forum posts about installing the Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17134.0) as a means to fix it but ever since that’s when I’ve had my crashes.

I uninstalled both the Windows 10 SDK and Windows 7 (KB2999226) but still it crashes.

I did uninstall Unreal and reinstall it but same crash.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Normally I’d try to test and figure it out but hard crashes are not good.

Thank you for your time!

-Mike of Platinum Arts


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I did notice that when the editor is going to work it loads really fast, while if it is going to crash it loads very slowly. Hopefully this is a way for me to prevent system crashes. If it takes longer than 25-30 seconds I close it. I have had a few times where it passed that threshold, while I was scanning with malwarebytes and a little bit after it. But then it started loading fast again.

I have not been able to find what is causing it. Doesn’t seem like Avast, VS 2017, or Malwarebytes is the reason.

I was wrong. Uninstalling Avast and VS 2017 did not fix it. Still trying to find the conflict.
I reinstalled malwarebytes and it is still working. Strange. When it crashed earlier it was even crashing on fresh boots.

I did get it working again. I uninstalled malwarebytes which I had installed today.

I would like to post an update to this. I uninstalled Visual Studio 2017 and all the packages it installed and now Unreal DOES load up properly without computer crashes.

I did also uninstall Avast. I wonder if it could be related.

So the crash was related to Visual Studio 2017 or AVAST, not Unreal.

-Mike of Platinum Arts