launching my multiplayer game


I just completed my first multiplayer game, and even though it’s trash, I want to package it and at least have family be able to play it. I’ve launched two single player games before, and I know how to do that. But how would I do this? Do I need to do anything extra, like add code so that a certain player is hosting the server? I sure hope not. I already got the clients and stuff working in the editor but How would that work from 2 different pc’s?

For example, would I need to add UI so that people can enter in a certain IP to join the server? Or is that only for dedicated servers?


The listen server model doesn’t need additional code. Basically, it means that one of the players will be the server. There are several ways to open a map as a listen server, but I recommend the following console commands for testing:

Hosting a server: “open YourMapName?listen”
Joining a server: “open ServerIP”

The ServerIP is the IP of the hosting player. The local IP is always, use this for testing on your own pc. Make sure to port forward “7777”, otherwise people from different PCs won’t be able to join. Alternatively, you can use an emulator like Hamachi to get around the port issue.

@STRiFE.x thank you! I don’t know where I would put those console commands, though. This does help a ton. But where would I put the commands? (I’m… really new to this stuff.)

Thanks again.

The default key to open the console is ‘~’, but you can change it in the Project Settings (I always change it to F10). So after you’ve launched the game, open the console, and type in the commands.

thank you!