Launching game on Windows 64-bit desktop does not work correctly for me on UE4 4.22.3


I am very new to UE4 and I work in C++ mainly. I am intending to write a 2D game and am following a UE4 C++ Paper2D training video series.

So far, I have a got a big pure white 2D background sprite in my scene and then a 2D spaceship sprite on top. The spaceship has a camera attached to it. Also the scene contains the default playerstart class. My sprites are blueprint classes generated off the C++ classes. The background sprite is an actor and the spaceship is a pawn. I also have default gamemode base class, which I haven’t touched.

In play mode, the game runs fine, but when I launch the game to my desktop, the window comes up, but at a random time (be it quickly or slightly later), the window shuts down by itself and UE4 gives a message saying “Launch canceled!” and the output log shows no error or indication as to why the game shutdown.

The only deploy warning I can see in yellow is:

LogPlayLevel: Warning: WARNING: Win64 does not implement Deploy…

although this is shown sometime before the game actually is built and run and I don’t think this affects the actual deployment?

I am running Windows 10 and my PC is very basic with a AMD A9 CPU and integrated AMD Radeon R5 graphics. Basically, the PC is not very fast, to say the least, but I carry on! I am running Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition.

My question is, is it a problem with UE4 or does my simple C++ code have some sort of runtime error?

Thanks in advance,


Check the C++ code with UE_LOG .


Thanks wbreganh, I carried on with my game regardless and I normally run it in standalone or packaged.

Now for some reason it launches fine now! :slight_smile: