Launcher will not download vehiclegame

Raw log is attached.

Repro steps -

  1. Run the launcher.
  2. Click Learn.
  3. Click Vehiclegame.
  4. Click download (4.9)

Specific error (I think)

[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 00000042BA678F00: request has been successfully processed. HTTP code: 200, content length: 1276, actual payload size: 1276
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogOnline:Verbose: MCP: QueryDownloadInfo request complete. url= code=200 response={
  "appName" : "VehicleGame_4.9",
  "labelName" : "Live-Windows",
  "buildVersion" : "4.9.0-2672455+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.9-Windows",
  "catalogItemId" : "98750122f3984fe19fd50fc7cac60f6d",
  "expires" : "2015-10-16T00:38:21.871Z",
  "items" : {
    "CHUNKS" : {
      "signature" : "Expires=1444955901&Signature=3B-QzaxX5IQYR1oSZRdkhliToIZaBBglwQ494nE~1siQEEi3UCxybxD4S4PEDMJA7b65LX7omf~JtkRxP~oTECkmrE5Slo3wF54-~5Kffrp4rY8ETDBeQ2OK-McH8Bsp0Hd2aSpQLNDYNTwYZ7uhdwQbZx5DydNttixEW6WPIAM_&Key-Pair-Id=test",
      "distribution" : "",
      "path" : "Builds/Rocket/Automated/VehicleGame/CloudDir/VehicleGame_4.94.9.0-2672455%2B%2B%2Bdepot%2BUE4-Releases%2B4.9-Windows.manifest"
    "MANIFEST" : {
      "signature" : "Expires=1444955901&Signature=3B-QzaxX5IQYR1oSZRdkhliToIZaBBglwQ494nE~1siQEEi3UCxybxD4S4PEDMJA7b65LX7omf~JtkRxP~oTECkmrE5Slo3wF54-~5Kffrp4rY8ETDBeQ2OK-McH8Bsp0Hd2aSpQLNDYNTwYZ7uhdwQbZx5DydNttixEW6WPIAM_&Key-Pair-Id=test",
      "distribution" : "",
      "path" : "Builds/Rocket/Automated/VehicleGame/CloudDir/VehicleGame_4.94.9.0-2672455%2B%2B%2Bdepot%2BUE4-Releases%2B4.9-Windows.manifest",
      "hash" : "444c68c9e13e404cf08ec626fcbda510c262b395"
  "assetId" : "VehicleGame"
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]FCommunityPortalOSSImpl::RequestAppManifest VehicleGame_4.9 Live-Windows
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: URL=''
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: Verb='GET'
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: Custom headers are NOT present
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: Payload size=0
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: Adding header 'User-Agent: game=EpicGamesLauncher, engine=UE4, version=4.9.0-2717637+++depot+UE4-LauncherLive'
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: Adding header 'Content-Length: 0'
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: Adding header 'Pragma: no-cache'
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: Adding header 'Expect: '
[2015.10.14-18.38.12:481][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: request (easy handle:00000042C87300C0) has been added to multi handle for processing
[2015.10.14-18.38.33:608][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: Request 0000004294B97E00 (easy handle:00000042C87300C0) has completed (code:7) and has been marked as such
[2015.10.14-18.38.33:608][  0]LogHttp:Verbose: 0000004294B97E00: request failed, libcurl error: 7 (Couldn't connect to server)
[2015.10.14-18.38.33:608][  0]FCachedVaultItemWorkflowImpl: StateEngine Run:  Reason: App List Changed

Log file attached

Hi Lord_Pall,

I apologize if this is asking you to repeat a few steps, but please try the troubleshooting steps in this section of the troubleshooting guide.

If nothing works, follow the steps here to turn on and generate your Debug Logs. Post them here, along with your Dxdiag (system specs).

Debug.log was posted in the original post as an attachment.

No change with troubleshooting.

DXDiag attached. link text

Hello again!

The steps for generating the debug logs provided in the troubleshooting guide will give us more detailed logs to read. Could you generate those and post them here when you have a chance?

Hi Lord_Pall,

We haven’t heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue, lease post back here with the requested info.

If you need anything else, feel free to ask.