Launcher Suggestion and New Marketplace Design

Hello all!

Launcher Suggestion
On lower resolutions, the launcher is huge. It barely fits on my monitor (1366x768; I plan to buy a 1080p or 1440p monitor soon). Maybe shrink it a bit so it appears the same but it’s just smaller? :smiley:

New Marketplace Design
I think it would be totally awesome if in 4.6, the marketplace was redesigned to make things easier and a lot more organized. Something like the Unity Asset Store would be totally awesome. It has categories, a search function, and stuff. It would be great if Unreal’s marketplace was a lot more organized. :smiley:

Other than those two, you guys are doing an amazingly awesome job on the engine! XD
Thanks!: )

  1. There is no need in small launcher for devs. Since it’s required for game (in most cases) to be able run in 1080 mode, and that’s main target resolution atm (even mobile’s now are 1080). In other hand, maybe dev’s will provide such option to expand subscribers audience.
  2. I think it will be changed, but later, now it’s not the prior goal.