Launcher so slow and heavy? light edition launcher needed

I think first start would be remove all browser related functions as javascripts and web content is slow and even distracting. If i buy something then i do it from browser, only game/engine/assets managment functions should remain like download, launch, install, manage…then remove/separate 32bit and 64bit…These are wishful thoughts how “Pro Lite Edition” of launcher should look.

I can’t disagree, I would rather have a separate launcher for Unreal Engine and assets that performs well than a bloated launcher with everything. I don’t need a launcher with “achievements”…

Actually I just updated the Launcher this morning and it is now the home screen and “game store” section is almost completely broken(attached a screenshot). I can only navigate to the Unreal Engine section by right clicking the tray icon which still functions but performance remains a slideshow, can barely scroll through assets from the marketplace.

Home Screen:

Thought it was my end, getting slow ,need upgrade, but glad not so. +1

I think it would be first in industry if Epic could provide Lite launcher, even steam has gone grazy and instead moving away from javascripts they become bloated too with web based slow bloat. I personally would not mind if EGL still has games+Unreal all in one with option to switch off game management if not gaming(like now it is) but move away from web content and use barebone fast UI for Lite Professional. No forced prerequisites downloads and so on.

Those are my wishes for Epic **but **listen everyone else too and make some decision and release a Pro Lite EGL or something similar.

I found this thread while searching for the same issue. The launcher UI navigation is very sluggish. Scrolling the Unreal Engine home page is very slow and navigating the Marketplace is painfully slow too. I have the same experience in all my computers all with high specs. The engine works fine but something needs to be done to the Launcher renderer. It refreshes at something like 12 FPS or less.

The problem is that the launcher is build with Unreal Engine itself. Yeah no kidding, makes no sense but that’s how it is.

Me and many others have complained for YEARS that the launcher is outdated, sluggish and terribly designed (not user friendly at all). Epic has ignored us ever since and only further bloated the launcher.

Why they don’t hire a professional web-dev team to build a modern, lightweight launcher? No idea … they certainly have the money to do it.

I think that is that because of the free assets/pluggins/etc the launcher has to load everything at once, it should have dynamic loading of the things form the marketplace, i have so many now that my launcher is stupid slow… :\

hey I second this. my pc is pretty nice & fast but when I run the epic launcher its very sluggish like its consuming a huge amount of resources or something. they definitely need to redo the launcher imo.

For me it became more responsive after removing a few UE versions. So basically it looks like, launcher gets slowed down by the thing it is made to launch.

So can confirm.

Came across this discovery by accident. I have all of my engines installed on a second drive which had trouble mounting one boot. As a result of this the EPIC Games launcher was back to a speed as though I had no engines installed. This particular machine is my asset store management machine which has many versions of the engine installed to inspect assets from the store, etc. So the speed difference is notable as I have around 10 versions installed on here it’s nearly unusable as a result. Seems the launcher must continuously query the installations. I should also note that it is NOT related to store content, I have easily 1000+ entries in my library. Speed was fine the moment the launcher couldn’t find the installations and stopped querying for them.

Epic needs to take this seriously: there have been many times where I’ve thought “I’d like to work on a UE4 project” and then I remember the absurd launcher performance and decide against it.

Anyone have heard news about light modern Launcher at all?

Yeah we definitely need a lightweight launcher. The current one is so bloated, slow and badly designed… I mean, who thought it was a great idea to build a Games WebStore Launcher in Unreal Engine 4 ???

Epic should do the right thing and hire a team of professional web developers, to build a proper launcher. We all know they have enough money to do so, and the bad Launcher is a main reason most people won’t buy games over the Epic Launcher.

And at best seperate the games shop from the Unreal Engine Launcher, there is really no need to have these two connected.

I have to agree… The launcher is presently a pain in the a$$. I don’t like that it has to run in the background after a project is started. I have monitored it running in the background and definitely see that it is doing it’s own monitoring itself. It uses a portion of my CPU, my disk use, my memory and my internet connection. My system is top tier, but I would like to be able to work on my project knowing that I at least have some privacy…who knows what it is monitoring.

Also, I notice the launcher actually scrolls by itself for the first 30+ seconds while finishing it’s start up. Very annoying, as it looks like someone has hijacked my account every time I use the launcher. I now go to task manager and stop the process for the launcher, gaining back a percentage of processing, memory, disk use in the process.

Epic, please address the complaints!!! A lot of use have paid a lot of money for the hundreds or even thousands of market place assets, only to be frustrated by a very outdated interface!!! Both stand alone launcher and provided web interface.

The Web browser version for the market place has also changed in a way that is annoying. They use to have the ‘display amount of items per page’ at the top of the screen as well…but now it’s only at the bottom, making you scroll through stuff to change the amount to display per page. What are they thinking??? Aren’t you suppose to be making it easier to use??

Don’t use the Launcher for anything EXCEPT DOWNLOADING ASSETS. After that, don’t even let it run. And be aware that even if you disable it, you also have to kill the analytics DLL’s in the editor as there’s phone-home telemetry there too (or block it at firewall level). Basically, once you’ve downloaded assets, MOVE them all from VaultCache to external HDD. The Launcher then won’t show them any more and it will load faster. After that, just manage all your assets / projects using Windows Explorer, or look into using a separate asset management utility (optional).

Actually i would not mind if games launcher is all in one but always with option to disable like now. Biggest issue is that launcher structure itself that makes it so painfully slow and fat… Launcher size even should be max 40-60 MB MAX. I would and will use casual browser for game purchases if needed.

Yup, sttill slow. Today I booted up my PC, started Epic, and went to make a coffee and it was still loading when I came back

I confirm. Their launcher is so slow that I sometimes think if is even worth launching it just for one game. I have all software and games on SSD 970Evo and when launching it I feel like it is booting from 5200rpm HDD

Yeah It’s still slow and sluggish.
I’m on a Ryzen 3950X, 64 GB ram and an RTX 3090.
This should not be happening. I’m assuming Epic doesn’t use the launcher inhouse because if they did they would’ve noticed this issue and done something about it.

I’d say that’s almost certainly the case tbh, so Epic have no need to fix it or even care.
But how come Epic partners don’t push them about this, that’s harder to understand.
Can only assume they all use source builds internally and shun Marketplace assets!!!
How many Launcher threads in the past decade have just gone unanswered by Epic? :rage: