Launcher login silently failing

Hey there,

I have trouble with either logging in with epic games launcher or the launcher does not remember that I logged in. No matter how many times I login, it always asks me to login again when I want to take an action which only logged in users can.

For example, if I want to comment, it requires me to login. I am being redirected to the login window and after (successfully) logging in it still asks me to login. I am not sure if I login successfully, but the launcher behaves the way it always does.

I hope this can be resolved fast. I can not buy anything at all as it is >_<


Purchasing through the launcher is broken.

As a workaround, you can go to the marketplace website and make your purchase, and then it will show up in your launcher after the purchase (you may have to restart the launcher – not sure). This worked for me.

Surprisingly, there’s no way to download the content through the web site. So the workflow right now is 1) purchase on web site, 2) download through launcher.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile: My error is not listed there and I think I will leave it as it is for now since the marketplace web page is usable :smiley:
Thanks to CleanCut for the reminder.

Hi rYuxq,

I"m going to investigate CleanCut’s response but to help with your login issue see below:

In order for us to best support you, we have recently modified our process for how we handle Launcher issues.

Please visit:

Here you will find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance.