Launcher is blank/black

Fresh install of Win10. When launched, the launcher has a small black rectangle with rounded corners (login dialog). There are two invisible text boxes I can get a cursor to appear in, which I can enter (invisible still) username & password. then after a sec it goes to a large black rectangle (main launcher form).

Tried several games, everything seems to be fine except epic games launcher

forgot the loglink text

tried: -opengl, various drivers including Microsoft basic display adapter, several compatibility options, Run as admin

Running AMD Radeon HD 7700M. worked fine in Win7 & 8 few months back when I last tried it.

Hi Dubh,

It looks like you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps here.

Could you please follow the steps here to generate your Debug Logs? Post them here, along with your Dxdiag (system specs).

launcher log in previous post. here is dxdiag

Hi Dubh,

Based on your dxdiag, you’re running beta drivers. Could you please try rolling back to the release version of the drivers and let us know how they perform? They can be found here.

I tried that one last week (15.7.1) but i’ll attach logs. They released a new beta on Sunday I just noticed so tried that too. Nothing but a black form in the launcher. Nothing is drawn, but there are at least some controls there invisible. The cursor changes to a hand in some places if move it around the form.

Here is logs & dxdiag for 15.7.1, 15.9 beta, and windows basic display adapter. 15.8 beta were the previous logs. Hopefully you see something I don’t in them! logs

Hi Dubh,

Do you have any sort of program that shifts between your integrated card and on-board graphics card depending on what program is running? We have had reports of this with laptops in the past.

I don’t. With Win 10 there is some weirdness with the drivers though where the video can be detected as “HD 7700M” and a “FirePro M4000”. But through device manager I can change it back and forth and it doesn’t seem to have any impact in games or with fixing the black form issue with epic launcher.

I was playing around with it trying to get it to work tonight, and the launcher popped up an updating form that actually had text and whatnot in it! Then after the launcher updated it worked fine.

it might have popped up the update window when I used -http=wininet or that might have been coincidence, but it now works with or without any parameters