Launcher crashes and FBX meshes not imported

Today (27th of May 16) the launcher updated and now when I launch a project (in 4.9.2) the launcher crashes. The project still opens but when I try and import FBXs only the texture imports, not the mesh. On import there is no FBX options box.

The launcher is opening a 4.10.4 project without crashing, but I still can’t import FBX meshes into that project either.

I’ve sent a crash report. Could someone look at this at Unreal as my project is now stalled.


Please, does anyone have any kind of solution.

Please, this is quite a serious problem is there no-one who can help me?

Have you tired a different fbx?
what does the relevant section of the log say?

Do you mean the editor crashes?
I don’t see why the launcher crashing has any effect on the editor, I close the launcher as soon as my project is up BTW.


Thanks Ryan. Perhaps the launcher carries instructions to launch the editor correctly, but if it crashes while the editor is opening it can’t do that properly.

Sometimes with Ue4 I feel like a monkey driving a car :slight_smile: as today, though the launcher still crashes, the editor has decided to import FBXs without me doing anything but reopening the launcher immediately after it’s crashed and before I send off the crash bug report.

That’s wierd.
Is there any error’s warnings in the log file?

I’m a newbie. Could you tell me which log file I’m looking for? A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

4.9.2 has got several issues with mesh fbx or animation fbxs afaik.

I think the editor sesion log is what you are looking for.

Thanks but the address given there (Engine\Saved\Logs) isn’t complete enough for me to find it. I searched Engine and found (PC user/Documents/Unreal Projects/Projectname/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNotEditor/Engine) and that has Content and Plugins. not Saved/Logs

I’ve found Projectname/logs and in the latest but one log there entitled lighting there are just loading errors relating to Bumping pub assets.

Is it possible to tell me how to get to the editor session log if that file I’ve seen isn’t it. Thanks

You need to open the project folder, Then look in “\Saved\Logs” for the log files.

You can easily get there from the editor by right clicking on “Content” in the content browser and selecting “show in explorer”.
Then go up one level/folder/directory.


For finding files very quickly on Windows, I highly recommend Everything for Windows (from voidtools.)
It’s free, and uses NTFS magic to find files by name super quickly. (Doesn’t work on FAT volumes like thumb drives, or SMB volumes like network shares, for that reason.)

You can also launch the editor without the launcher. Look for UE4Editor.exe – on my install, it’s in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe”
So, presumably you’d find something similar for 4.9.

Unless you forgot to index , windows search is amazing. More amazing if you use an SSD and got enough ram so that the pagefile is not used that much.