Launcher can't find engine installation ( Project)

" This is because your UE4 project files and your perforce workspace must be the same directory!

For example: If your workspace is at: C:/UE4Projects/MyGame/

Then your .uproject file must be at C:/UE4Projects/MyGame/MyGame.uproject

And you have to use this .uproject file and connect to this workspace. "

I’m having the same issue with Perforce, where I DO have what Azarus noted here above, but I still get error. How can I fix this ?


Its ok I got it . I had somehow I believe through SVN, ‘checked out’ working DIR to a different spot not realizing what precisely was going on and very new- so I just used the new location, still reading here: Using Perforce as Source Control | Unreal Engine Documentation , in case anyone needs it ,as I have perforce working but simply haven’t setup depot so nothing is going to work as intended. For tomorrow :wink: