Launcher can't connect to servers

My launcher doesn’t seem to be able to connect to anything, can’t login, no version info received on startup, no marketplace content or 4.7.2 update and so on.

Hi Zeldhoron,

Please try Sam’s solution that he posted on this report. Let me know if it works for you or not.



Works perfectly :slight_smile: Is there a way to setup like a shortcut or so to do i automaticly ?
NVM found it a bit further in post, yet i would like some setting or so somewhere in the launcher as i like to keep these things as clean as possible, thx :slight_smile:

I’m glad it worked for you! Hopefully this will be repaired on the back-end and the fix won’t be needed for much longer .

I cant open my launcher

Hi dj93,

Try the suggestions in this section of the troubleshooting guide.

If nothing works, follow the steps here to generate your Debug Logs. Then post them in a new report in the Installation & Setup section, along with your Dxdiag (system specs).

This didn’t work for me, either <_<