Launch to Moto G XT1040 works but package comes up black screen

I am running Unreal Engien 4.5.1 on Windows 7 x64 (with all the updates that I know of)

As noted in the subject line I have a Moto G XT1040

The graphics driver is Adreno 305 The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8926

The android quick start launches to the devices without a problem, even my device is listed specifically from the launch icon in the toolbar.
When the launch runs on my device everything looks right. Brush appears, sky appears, etc. Handlign works.

When the package installs on the phone and I go to start it I get a black screen, and only the handles appear. No brushes, or sky or any other part of the scene.

When I go to package I get this list of options

DXT This is what your desktop computer uses, and used by Tegra-based devices.
ATC This is used in Qualcomm Snapdragon based devices.
PVR This is used in ImgTec PowerVR based devices.
ETC1 This is supported on all devices, but does not support textures with an alpha channel, so those textures are uncompressed, making your game’s download large and use more runtime memory.
ETC2 This is used by MALI based devices and some others.

I have tried DXT, ATC, ETC1, ETC2 and “All”

None of these options has produced a result that I can play. I can only see the handles, but I don’t see any part of my scene.

I did a search through the answer hub and found nothing that helped my situation.
I did a search through the forums but have still come up empty.

I would like to package on android. Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks, Rigel