Launch character/Set Velocity not working correctly with AI Move to

Hey all,

I’m working on a dungeon crawler type game and have set up a system for knocking enemies backwards when you hit them with your sword by using launch character. This works great for when the player is hit or a stationary enemy but if the enemy is using the “move to” node (e.g. for random wandering, chasing the player) it messes with the launch command/set velocity. I found this post in the unreal answers from a few months ago which I believe shows the same issue I’m having…

Can anyone think of a possible work around? Right now I have it teleport the enemy instead and set it’s velocity to 0. This is ok to test gameplay but comes with it’s own issues (can accidentally teleport them through walls + doesn’t look quite right)

any help would be much appreciated!

lil’ Bump,

Perhaps it’s possible to make a custom “move to” method in blueprint? I wouldn’t know how to begin having it use the navmesh though

I have a work around - change movement mode to falling right after AI launch. (CharacterMovement:SetMovementMode)

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Hey that Works thanks. You don’t even need timers, Though you cannot combine this with root motion, root motion overrides the Force and so the velovity i belive.

I used stop movement immediately and it works pretty good.