Launch a dedicated server during game?

Hi, i recently succeed to learn how to launch a dedicated server and now i wonder How to launch a server during game instead of manually clicking Server.exe file.

i found that some people just saying use ‘Open’ command but i want to launch Several dedicated server Automatically.

i also read that put “MyGame.exe ExampleMap -server” or “MyGame.exe /Game/Maps/ExampleMap -server -game -log” like thing in command line. but when i tried this, it just don’t work.

whenever i tried that command, command log said “Command not recognized: Test_Server.exe TestLevel -server”.

is there any way to launch a dedicated server inside of game logic?

From C++? Yes.
From Blueprint, not that I am aware of.

well, currently, i am trying to using “FPlatformProcess::CreateProc” function to open ‘~Server.exe’ file.
Is this the C++ method you told? or is there a better way to do it?

If the Open command works, it should be possible to do this automatically in BP through the execute console command node.

@hhm1573 Yeah, sounds right.

When I was looking into, I found UT4 used the same method, so rigged up a function based on that.

bool U<YOURPROJECT>GameInstance::CreateDedicatedServer(const FString CommandLine, bool bShowLog /* = false */)
    FString ExecPath = FPaths::ProjectDir() + TEXT("Binaries/Win64/<YOURPROJECT>-Win64-Shipping.exe");
    FString Options = FString::Printf(TEXT("%s -log"), *CommandLine);

    ExecPath = FPaths::EngineDir() + TEXT("/Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor.exe");

    FString ProjectFilePath = FPaths::ProjectDir() + TEXT("<YOURPROJECT>.uproject");
    ProjectFilePath = FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull(ProjectFilePath);

    Options = FString::Printf(TEXT("%s %s -log -server"), *ProjectFilePath, *CommandLine);

    ExecPath = FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull(ExecPath);

    DedicatedServerProcessHandle = FPlatformProcess::CreateProc(*ExecPath, *(Options + FString::Printf(TEXT(" -ClientProcID=%u"), FPlatformProcess::GetCurrentProcessId())), true, !bShowLog, false, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL);
    return DedicatedServerProcessHandle.IsValid();

void U<YOURPROJECT>GameInstance::TerminateDedicatedServer()
    // If we have a valid dedicated server process, terminate it.
    if (DedicatedServerProcessHandle.IsValid() && FPlatformProcess::IsProcRunning(DedicatedServerProcessHandle))