LaserScan Reconstruction stuck


after getting everything into RC via the e57 file from Faro Scene. I am now facing another problem.
The file I am working on contains around 20GB of Data and I pressed “Start” in RC 15Hours ago. The task
manager shows me that RC is still working at 7-6% CPU load but the progress bar is stuck at around 80% and
the estimation is also stuck 10 hours ago.

Is it possible that RC is stuck in Limbo at this point?

I aborted the processing after 15 hours and tried to use “Preview” quality. This results in a model only showing camera positions with cubic photos in them. That looks very much like the problem that occured when I used RaCap360 to create a 3D Model in RC.

Should I send you the 20GB e57 file again? It looks like a RC problem since RC creates the same broken 3D models from the file as it did before with the e57 file build with Recap360.

Thank in advance.


You can:

  1. use ALIGNMENT button to align scans ( hope you set properly the EXACT settings on IMPORT of scans as scans are registered in Faro Scene )
  2. see low density ALIGNMENT points, when alignment is finished, now set a RECONSTRUCTION REGION and then just use NORMAL reconstruction mode…

If it‘s not working, send the data to my email and I will take a look at it…


first off, thanks for the help. Secondly I used the EXACT setting when importing the registered file into RC.
Do you mean the “Align Images” button needs to be pressed before I build the model?

Edit: I see what you mean. I’ll give it a try and report back.
Edit: I did what you said and used “Preview” Quality and it turns into this:

I’ll try to use normal quality now but it looks as if it again takes very long. I will report back.


Hi Paulsen

change any of the views to CONsole and see the progress…