Large Map - City

I was just wondering on how to carry out my idea, I’ve got some basic framework for my project but my map is basic and just used for testing (A.I). I am looking for a watchdog 2/ Assians creed 2 type map. Idm if it is quite large on a island and doesn’t need to resemble any place. I need all surfaces to be walk able on, with some meshes hopefully being able to go inside (if this is not the case I am sure I could get assets that don’t look that out of place). Has anyone put up a project like this (highly unlikely), or how would I go about doing it - would I have to place every individual mesh?
(Idm the date, can be medieval or present I can adjust the story line of my game)

A couple of things you can look into is

  • Landscapes
  • Level streaming
  • Hierarchical instance static meshes

I don’t know how most games go about spawning AI, but I used a spawner that spawned in my AI randomly when the player is in distance of a spawner.
It’s not easy.

Hope this helps.

Ngl that isn’t the most helpful but thanks for your help. Is there any example projects or tutorials on this? Tbh I am surprised at the lack of content here as most people would want a city in their game. Under landscaping most of it is forest related and things like that. The other things you mentioned I can’t really find much relating to how to get started on it, and something to consider at a later date.

There are many city assets in the MP that you can use to build your city. However you would have to place them by hand.

The alternative is to create the city procedurally by spawning those buildings via code or BP.

Im currently working on a Procedural city generator that will do what you are looking for. Its still under heavy development, but you can already see most of what you want working

What the previous poster said is 100% correct - look into HISM and level streaming if you want to create it yourself. Also feel free to ask me questions about the generator and I’ll try to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

I don’t really mind the size, thinking about it, my game does follow a bit off a story so a small map would be adequate. Just like an island that is quite large.
(BTW i have forgotten my pc specs)

Procedural is the way to go. But while waiting for @CoquiGames PCG which looks amazing but still needs buildings set on different elevations imo… ;)… Another option Is Merge Actors. Place actors in the scene and then click on Merge Actors to replace those actors in place (backup the level first). This might add an additional 10 / 20 / 30 FPS to the scene, it just depends… I wonder how Merge Actors compares with using instanced meshes actually, has anyone ever benchmarked this…?