laptop for developing using ue4?

Hello i want to buy a laptop for use with ue4, i have saw a lot of threads talking about laptop for the ue4, i already know, i need at leas 8 gb of r.a.m., intel i7 or equivalent on amd side, but my doubts are in the 3d video card side.

i would like to know some experiences from other users using ue4 on a laptop, what will be the best 3d video card ? (nvidia or amd)?

the ue4 will run good enough over an amd r7 or r9 video card ?

thanks in advance for all the information.

I use an Alienware R5 17" laptop and it flies.

This thread has reports from several laptop users, including myself. I have an NVidea GTX 870M in my laptop and UE4 loves it.

Thats my laptop

Engine Version: 4.3.0
System Model: Lenovo Ideapad Y580
Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 660 M
Operating System: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
System Resolution During Test: 1920x1080

Resolution Scale: 100%
View Distance: Epic
Anti-Aliasing: Epic
Post Processing: Epic
Shadows: Epic
Textures: Epic
Effects: Epic

Editor Viewport FPS: 20
Play in Viewport FPS: 21

To develope with it, I always have to turn down the graphic settings to middle or low, otherwise it will lag :slight_smile:

This is the laptop I’m using. It’s working fine, could be better but it’s fine. I would recommend using two monitors though as the UE interface got a lot of different panels and views, and if you would want to utilize them in the most efficient way, you would need two monitors imo.

fighter5347 what CPU is your laptop? and how much ram are you running?

What kind of projects are you developing with that lappie?

ram = 4gb
CPU = intel i7 3610 QM 2.3 GHz

Sometimes I use my laptop to develope my game caede ( , but mainly I’m using my main PC for that :slight_smile:

thanks for the information, very helpfull, i think i will buy a laptop with a nvidia 770m video card, i think the 60 fps that it can be shows will be good enough to work when i’m away from my desktop computer.

thanks again for the help !

wow Caede looks pretty good

No wonder you need a good PC to develop something like that. Now I know why my old PC works great with UE4, I am more on cellphone and tablet kinda stuff.

When you have your new laptop, and UE4 installed, check and ensure under graphic properties> 3d settings that UE4 program(not just loader) is set to use correct graphics card, my laptop by default uses the integrated on-board card, mental. :slight_smile: