Landscapes and Foliage Performance Issue

Guy i’ve combed the entire documentation and didn’t find remarks on this.

When i started using landscapes and foliages in my projects my fps halved on a iphone 6. Can anyone know what is going on? Is there any do or don’t with these two features?

Please can someone shed some light?

Landscapes and foliage are quite heavy things, they will boil poor iphone 6 and suck its battery dry. So do not use them, also people reported troubles with materials on ladscapes on mobile platforms. You will be much better with using meshes on mobile.

But just to make sure it is not material. TRy making very simple material that has only one diffuse texture and its unlit. Remove foliage. See how landscape with such very simple material behaves.

I will try to do that then. If the landscape is a no go, is there any way to paint a static mesh with landscape material? Or that is a issue as well?

Foliage is heavy because it’s not using instancing on mobile

Landscapes is okay, but layers limit is awful. Personally we’re creating landscape and then turn it into static mesh and paint with custom layered material.

Ufna, how do you paint static meshes with layered materials?

Use the vertex painting tools. They have a mode where they can paint four normalized weights instead of colors. Then in your material you use those weights (by reading the vertex color) to blend across materials/textures, kinda like you would do with a landscape material.

Hi ufna,

How do you handle collisions with that process? Tried it, and even if I generate convex hull collisions in Blender, its never accurate…