"LandscapeMountains" - is there a landscape example for download?

Hey folks! I am getting back into Unreal after a five-year hiatus developing with UE3 and I am loving the sample levels I can get in and mess with. That’s half of how I learn. :slight_smile:

I noticed in some of the tutorials there used to be a sample level called LandscapeMountains. Does that exist anywhere anymore? I don’t see it on the marketplace.

I think you mean the landscape samples which are in the content examples, but could you probably post a link to one of those tutorials so that I exactly know what you are looking for? :slight_smile:

I just noticed on the vehicle tut at 16 seconds when he selects his map there was a LandscapeMountains level.

But I will download the content examples map! Haven’t done that one yet. I suppose there is a landscape spot in there?

Hmm, I think the one that you are looking for is not available yet, but there are some basic landscape examples in the content example (but just some basic stuff -> so it’s better when you just watch a UE4 landscape tutorial) :slight_smile:

Nice eye there, FindMattGames! :slight_smile:

There is some content that has not or may not be released that you may see from time to time like this in our videos.

Keep eye out for any updates on UnrealEngine.com and the Announcements section of the forums!


Thanks, Tim! Much appreciated.