Landscapematerial- and Buildbroblem

(Sorry for my bad english, I’m a German Guy)

Hello Guys,
I’m new at Unreal Engine 4 and I haven’t got much programming skills.
I have two problems:

  1. When I create an Landscapematerial (with 4 textures) and I add more textures
    later and I want to create Layer Infos for the new textures and I choose an folder
    there is an error which says: “Name may not contain the following characters:”
    Then I can use the new textures but when I save and load the project the Layer Infos
    of the new textures are deletet and on the Landscape I only see the textures which
    I added when I createt the Landscapematerial too.

Landscapematerial: (click)

ERROR: (click)

  1. When I import an self-made object (in blender) and I want to add an Material from the
    starter content, it is only a blurry mess with 1-3 colors. And when I click Build the program
    craches all the time and I have to restart my Pc. I have an World with very much objects
    (I don’t just use textures, in caves I place stones on the hole wall and on the ground and ceiling to.
    Could that be the mistake?

Blender-Object: (click)

World: (click)

Thanks for help and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Check what you are calling the layer, there may be a space because the editor couldn’t read the folder its trying to save into correctly, so replace the name of either the layer/folder/material to something different, this will help you.

I don’t really know to much about model creation and texturing, but if the material you are trying to apply isn’t the unwrapped version straight from the modelling/painting software the it won’t be able wrap/place itself around the object.

Also, select all of the textures in your landscape material and make sure the texture sampler is “Wrapped” this will allow you to use more than 14/16 textures in your material

Thank you, I will try it!

Ran into this problem on a project I was rebooting an old project, the cause of the issue is that you are using an invalid character (a Space for example) when naming your layer types in the Layer Blend node. If you really want to include spaces when naming your layer types you can, just remember to remove the spaces when the paint layers are created

It worked (the Landscapematerial)! :slight_smile:
Thanks! :smiley: