[LandscapeMaterial][4.18.0] CameraVector error in shader compilation - BumpOffset


I stumbled upon an issue i cannot resolve at my current level. I get an error that does not tell me much. But firstly the context. I am learning landscape materials and trying to implement certain things like triplanar mapping etc. The structure of the landscape material is that the material itself calls on the material function that implements all the layers. Each layer is its own material function (rock, pebble, grass etc., has its own function).

So far it was all good, but i now have an issue i can not overcome. I wanted to implement a bump offset on my textures. Since i have a near/far distance tilling blending i have to do the same thing for both paths as on the first image (This is the simplified version). The green channel of the texture sample is a height (displacement) map. Sadly when i switch one or both booleans to enable bump offset i get a CameraVector error which does not tell me anything. It says that some mul operation has failed, but nothing that could lead me to the possible fix.

Below is the paste of the nodes from the image…27e0cc913a83e1

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.