LandscapeLayerSample vs LandscapeLayerWeight

Hey all…more landscape material questions…

I know that the LandscapeLayerSample node outputs a 0-1 mask that I can use as the alpha to blend between materials. The LandscapeLayerWeight node lets you input custom values into Base and Layer, which I have been using by setting Base to 0 and Layer to 1, to output a 0-1 mask, so if that’s how I am using the LandscapeLayerWeight node, should I just use the LandscapeLayerSample node instead?

The way I understand it, the LandscapeLayerSample node lets you “sample” the LandscapeLayer with the same name, where the LandscapeLayerWeight node lets you blend between a Base layer and a LandscapeLayer, am I wrong?

Thanks for your time!

I wish there was a little more documentation concerning those nodes

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As far as I understand…
it is exactly that…
the sample node just outputs 0 - 1
while the weight node outputs whatever you connect to it.
So e.g. Vector3 to base and make it red.
Vector3 to layer and make it blue.

Paint that layer and you get a red and blue painted layer. The area where you have painted will turn blue.
Previously i used that node to make masks but the sample node is doing fine here.

Yeah it sounds like the sample node is all I need if I only need to use it as a mask. Thanks for the info!