LandscapeLayerBlend not working properly

Engine version: 4.24.3

I’m trying to use a complex layered material with LandscapeLayerBlend to blend 6 materials: first two with Height blending, others with Weight blending.
When I apply it to a landscape, I put the first two height-blended layers in, then add a couple of other layers, all works great. Then I add the third weight-blended layer, and the material just stops working for the current landscape section (grey rectangles instead of the material). Each layer is very simple, just textures for colour and normals.

I managed to put 6 layers in a single landscape section by making the first two alpha-blended, the others weight-blended. But I really need the height-blending.
I tried different options, like heigh-blending for all materials - same bahaviour, only 4 materials are supported.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

Classic problem. Click on your textures in the material and select ‘shared: wrap’ as the sampler source ( instead of ‘from texture asset’ ). Bascially, you’ve run out of space.

Oh dear… I’ve seen the words about limiting number of textures, but for some reason I confused it with layers, I thought it’s 16 layers max.
Works, thank you very much! Sorry if it’s a well-known topic, but I’ve spent a few hours, maybe this post would help somebody.