landscape wont compile a few components

I am facing a weird problem. My landscape won’t compile a few components. It just show the default checkered material. The most comps are compiling.
Any ideas?
Regards! T

This won’t be technically right but I can tell you why. if there are more than the 16 textures on that tile it won’t compile. Each texture counts for 1 and every blend counts for 1. So if you have 5 materials that blend over each other you might already be maxed for DirectX11. (Again I’m probably wrong about the specifics but no one more technical has answered you)

But back to that example 5 materials in your landscape 5 diff/albedo, 5 normal, 4 blends, 2 masks for roughness n such and you’re maxed, if you add more it will still work but as soon as you paint on 1 tile with more than 16 whatever textures, it will not compile anymore. Often that extra one is hidden like you have one more blend or something, or one more texture for a slope etc.

If you’re having the issue that @daveSchoneveld outlined above, it mayi help for you to roll multiple height/roughness textures into grouped textures by saving the individual pieces into the RGB channels in a single texture and referencing them one channel at a time.

thnx guys…this makes sense…I didn’t realize that this max issue is counting for each tile instead of the whole material.
I am already combining textures, but I see that I have to do that in much more areas of my material.