Landscape Tool QOL changes

Hey there! :slight_smile:

After working multiple hours on a landscape, I’m officially going crazy over brush settings and workflow smoothness.

There’s two big issues I’ve got with it right now:

1. Hotkey clunkyness/functionality
Nearly every comfortable selection of hotkeys is bound to something already. In most cases something extremly necessary to the workflow (SHIFT + 1-5 for example). To top it off not one person on our team can right now get hotkeys to work for Landscape tools.

It’d be nice if a sequence of hotkeys could be assigned instead of just modifier keys, similar to zBrush. So you can hit B for Brush (or rather Tool) and then Q for Sculpt (B->Q), W for Smooth (B->W), E for Erosion (B->E), R for Ramp (B->R), etc.

Being able to dynamically scale brush size with Shift+Mousewheel would also help greatly.

2. Brush Settings being shared
This is driving me nuts more than the hotkeys.

I need my Sculpt at 0.7 for an area.
But then I need to smooth. And Smooth is comfy at 0.05.
So I gotta punch in that number.
Then I need erosion at 0.65.
So I gotta punch in that number.
But now I need to Sculpt again, so back to 0.7.
So I gotta punch in that number.
Repeat until crazy.

I constantly have to bother myself with punching in the numbers instead of just working. If each brush had it’s own settings, it’d be much less of a hassle and bother to work on landscapes in UE4. I would have to change them once every half an hour instead of ten times within a minute.

I second this!

I think Epic will be kinda busy these days with GDC
I made another thread with improvements for the landscape a few days ago and it’s already buried :frowning:

here’s the link: