Landscape tool and paint tool

I have 2 textures I am blending with. There are situations where I want to be able to paint those 2 textures next to each other and be a hard transition instead of the usual blend. Is that possible? Lets say Im creating a driveway thats concrete and I have grass around it. i dont want to blend the 2 at the edges. I want a hard transition.

The painting tools have a falloff parameter that can control how fuzzy/sharp the edge of the paintbrush (circle) is.

yea I put the falloff at 0 but it still blends at the edges.

You could use the alpha to drive a blend in the material. Use an if statement and if it’s simply above/below a certain alpha use one or the other? Point being we don’t have to rely on JUST the painter, we can sample that and use some maths on the value to better define how we want to blend.

EG, use a Round on the alpha so it’s either a 1 or a 0 and then feed that to a LERP with the two inputs being the grass (or whatever) and the driveway? Since Round will return only 1 or 0 it will be a hard falloff vs a blend (like you might typically expect w/lerp).