Landscape textures not rendering.

I am very new to all this development stuff, so forgive my noobyness.

I am following along a tutorial, and im not sure what is going on with the textures at the moment. not what kind of info to give, to help explain it. all i know is that the texture im using is fine in one location, but not in another. even after rendering it, compiling shaders, the grid that im working on remains a checkered, untextured mess. what might i be doing wrong?

ive posted a before and after, and the material im using…

hopefully this is a noob error thats easy to circumvent.

Thank you!

I see that this is an old post that was never addressed. But, I’m having the same problem. It seems as when I go from using 4 textures to 5 textures I have the same issue. I’m thinking it’s a video card limitation.