Landscape Texture Brush - How to create?

while trying to create a square brush i encountered the following issue seen in this picture

For the Texture itself I saved it as png but also have tried TGA file types.
The resolution is 64x64. the second picture was taken with world space coordinates and 6200 in repeat size.
When creating the texture in photoshop i use 72 PPI, RGB, 8 Bit. some of those settings work some dont (greyscale for example doesnt let me apply it to the sculpting brush).
Is it that i do something wrong in the creating process or are my unreal settings not quite right? do i need to “Paper2d Texture Settings” for example? I need straight cut-off lines


Thanks for the help,

err, increased repeat size to 6300. it still seems to fit all across without cutoffs but now the triangle fractures are gone. gotta check back to recalculate on what is the real number needed here!