Landscape / Terrain


I am trying to produce a material for my landscape which does the following:

detects slope/height information and blends three material functions to this height.
Allows me to further edit this material information on the terrain with the painting tool as landscape layers.

So far I have produced a landscape material which contains three material functions, these work and allow me to paint and blend wherever i need to; however Id rather not have to paint every cliff edge manually and try to blend grass, i’d rather have a starting solution of these materials blended by slope/height and allow me to further edit/paint after.

I’ve been following this tutorial:

My Current Landscape Material.

My Current Material functioning working within the landscape material.

Please help; if i can get this working properly i’m more then happy to buy someone a beer :slight_smile:

Images added of Landscape Mat and Functions within.

usually i use WorldAlignBlend to make a automatic layer(grass&rock) as base,set weight to1.then add some layer to paint manually.


Thank you so much for the response;

where would i put this worldalignblend; in the final master landscape material which combines the functions? If so could you please show me further as to where in the graph? i.e before the layer blend area?

like this,the simplest