Landscape Seam Visible with tes materials?

Hi guys. I recently started working with landscapes again, and soon enough i found a really mind breaking problem that i cant fix. I already checked other similar threads but none of the solutions worked for me.

When using tesselated materials on my landscape, i can see the seams visible between each sector, i have cracked tesselation checked, pin triangles, im using a blend material layer to paint the landscape and i set the tesselation withing each submaterial. The tesselation amount is really small, i really dont know why it is causing so many problems.

Im really desperated trying to figure this out. The most annoying thing is, apparently if i paint the terrain with a plain material without tesselation, the seams are still there. But i know its because of the material, since when compiling shaders, i can clearly see that the terrain without material has no issues at all.

Thanks in advance.

Might be something to do with displacement maps on the material, also try updating the engine to 4.18.

I dont see why updating to 4.18 would solve the problem. This already happened since version 4.10, the problem is, none of the solutions i found worked.

Anyways, i fixed it, resizing the components of the landscape and re-painting everything again. I just hope this doesnt happens again, or im going to start losing patience with UE lol. Things that are a problem since years ago shouldnt be a problem today.