Landscape resolution lowers instead of increases when resampling

Hello! I’ve encountered an odd glitch that I cannot seem to work around. I’ve decided to resample and increase the resolution of my landscape.

However, when I set my resolution from 127 to 255, and apply it, once the process is finished, it results in a 63x63 resolution landscape instead?
It does however halve the size of the material tiling as you would expect an increase in resolution to do.

I have tried to do it once before without issues on the same landscape on the same level, but waited with it since I wasn’t sure about the performance hit and never saved.

I have done a ton of foliage work on my landscape, so exporting the heightmap and remaking the landscape really isn’t feasible at this point.

i may be way off on this, but i use a 7x7 or 15x15 map, then resample to a 63x63 to get a 1009 (i think) resolution…

as i see it, the resolution does nothing to improve the diffuse/normal (2-4k) textures i use, it only makes the landscape smoother… if i want to make a dirt path it looks like a dirt path rather than a jigsaw puzzle…

I don’t mean texture resolution, but mesh resolution. It doesn’t increase the landscape resolution, but rather decreases it to the step below.

Hey, just hack it all to pieces and use World Composition to hack your trees from the old map to the new map.

Make a folder. Create an empty level in it. Save it. Open it. Enable world composition. Save it again.

In the content viewer copy the old level(s) to the folder.

Open the new level again.
the old levels will load up and be visible in the level view.

Load both levels.
Make the one you wish to copy from the active level.

In the detail panel select the actors you want to copy and copy them

Make the level you want stuff in the active level. Paste.

You should just have everything you copied over import.

You can now re-create the landscape at the desired size, and apply the height map.

After that’s done, select the foliage in the foliage tool. Drag it up in the air by a hair, and hit the Home key to get it to find the floor again.
select the invalid (an option in the select tool) and repeat the process to try and get them to place.

generally just make sure that your foliage dosen’t collide with other foliage and you should be golden.

After you have things copied over, save the level and close it.
then delete the persistent level, and the old copy.
all you need is the new one you just made.