Landscape Receiving No Lighting / Landscape Material Tutorial


I’m following the document: and I’ve made it to Part 5. For some reason, every time I apply my material, the landscape immediately receives no lighting and the scene is only affected by the sky light I have set (if I take that out, it’s pitch black completely). However, if I add any of the Starter Content materials onto my landscape, it shows up properly and receives lighting from any source; but the moment I place my custom landscape material that I created following the guide, everything goes black on the landscape. In the tutorial, it says to check “Is Used With Landscape” in the material node details panel, but that option isn’t available on my screen (using 4.13). Can anyone help?

*Bump, would still like to know how to get past this.

Me too. I’m having issues with any material. I even migrated actual materials from the example content that we got the textures from in the tutorial and I still get a black landscape. I have seen some tutorials on YouTube, but they definitely are not for the beginner.