Landscape randomly having red tints to them along with some building textures.


I am sort of new to Unreal Engine and this side of things in general but I have been learning quickly and have become addicted. While creating this map, I was messing around with the foliage brush and when I looked back to the rest of my terrain one square was the default grey and my building was illuminating red. I did some research and got the default grey square to go away. I believe it had something to do with the number of textures in the square. Then I tried to tackle these red spots and couldn’t find anything. If I ALT+Drag walls it got rid of the bright red ones but they continued to have a red tint. When I turn off the lights, it looks like its almost illuminating. It happens in low and high areas but generally only areas that have shadows. I have attached pics.

Thank you for any help and answering others questions, I have fixed so many issues and learned so much from these forums. Much Love.