Landscape Quality using LAM

Hey Guys,

I recently bought the Landscape Auto Material für Unreal Engine. I started to work with but to my surprise the quality of the texture is not that good. Do I missed some settings thats need to be setted up? Unreal Editor runs at “Epic” still the Ground Texture and Foliage ones are looking not good. I tried to scale up the Global Scale parameter but it not changing the quality.

Thanks for the help, LAM is Awesome. I just need high quality texture not the “washed” texture i currently have


Some Example Pictures:

Yeah, that ist the Texture in the LAM.
Just make your own Texture for what u want to look beter.
In the Instance of LAM u can easily change them.

Change the texture. LAM is nice for learning. But you can not use it in any applycation. The performance is horrible.

hmm okay, then i will try to use other textures with LAM even tho the video they released are looking way more awesome in quality than my textures i see.

But i think its something with my Settings or so. Cause my StaticMeshActor are looking washy when u look at them. I used the Infinite Blade Ice Asset Pack.

Standalone, Epic settings, Play -> Advanced Settings Resolution is on 1080p or is this Quality fine ?

Im having the same problem, the performance is terrible, I think is not suitable for any game that must use anything than an small area.