Landscape paint height limit

Im just trying to make a mountain with landscape but i hit a limit around 72000 units, this was worked out by my snap unit size X the amount of blocks visable on the grid since the measuring tool doesnt display any units (another issue maybe it could be just solved with this issue). this might seem fairly big as is, but i was hoping for at least twice this height for my central mountain in my game. the current landscape whcih is around 240,000 is only 1/4 the size of the entire map so this central mountain needs to be next to limitless.

once i hit this 72000 limit the landscape will just flatten off when using the paint tool.

Have you tried pushing the stuff at ground level down instead? So it makes the mountains appear higher, I know its a work around but it might help.

just tried it, its flattening off at the bottom now at around a distance of 136000 top to bottom, sorry if this seems picky, but the scale im trying to create really needs no limit. the grid is huge compared to the landscape i though id be able to just most of that space.

Hi Marc,

I am investigating this issue. You should be able to get to the sizes you are describing by scaling the landscape up. Can you let me know if that resolves the issue?

Thank you,

Yea i can scale it beyond these limits, but iv already made most of the landscape for the flat parts where im going to put villages, so scaling it now makes almost flat areas turn into small mountains of their own.