Landscape or Static mesh of Landscape for Urban Scene


Working on an outdoor scene I’ve started work with the landscape. This landscape will have several buildings, sidewalks, etc. Standard outdoor urban affair.

I’m finding it difficult to get the unreal landscape to be exactly where I want it. Specifically raising and lowering the terrain is a very difficult with the tools provided. I’m finding it hard to make sure all 4 corners of buildings are fully touching the landscape.

Which has me thinking, should I not be using landscape and instead just have a mesh of ground for the areas that I need grass/bushes? 70 percent of my scene will be buildings, parking lots, and walkways.

Thoughts on how to approach, would you use static meshes / other or landscape?


How exactly will your outdoor areas look like? -> because you could use the flattening tool to bring everything to the same height so that you can easily place a building on that place. (paint with a strength of 1)