Landscape non-destructive layers: Problem with blending


I’m having some problems with the Landscape non-destructive layer approach when painting textures.
Since I searched the web for hours now I’ll try my luck here.

The Landscape Material uses height blend als blend mode and layer infos are set to weight-blended.
(First layer is not used and set to Alpha Blend)

First Issue:
Now, when using the non-destructive layers, I always get the “mixed” looking results.
E.g Layer1 is grass and Layer2 is dirt, when painting Layer2 on Layer1 I seem to get a 50/50 blend of both instead of only dirt.

As far as I researched this topic, the only way to avoid this problem is to paint all textures into the same layer, so the base layer.
In some regards, this would make the non-destructive layer system a bit useless in terms of texture painting.

First Question:
will there be a future “fix” to this so we can use height-blended material layers on different layers (non-destructive edit-layers) or is this behavior intended?

Second Issue:
The more or less same question goes for landscape splines:
It’s about the option to assign a landscape material layer to a placed spline (e.g dirt should be assigned where the spline is created so the grass layer with grass foliage won’t show there).

Afaik, this is only possible to use a seperate material layer just for this and set the blend mode to Alpha Blend and use Non-Weight-Blended Layer Info.

Second Question: Will this change in the future (so we can just use the regular height-blended dirt layer for the spline layer) or will it stay like this?

Right now our team uses 4.24 but I just tested it on 4.26 and these issues seem be the same in both engine versions.
The only difference seems to be that in 4.26 when Edit Layers is enabled, I have a correct preview of the Landscape Brush (sclupting or painting) which was buggy in 4.24 with Edit Layers enabled.

Thanks a lot for reading!
Best Regards!