Landscape materials not rendering in project

Howdy Folks

I’m having an issue with a landscape, a product purchased off of the marketplace. While I’ve reached out to the product developer for support, I thought I’d post up here as well to see if I can get some expert knowledge on my predicament. Maybe this is something simple to fix.

Anyway, I’ve got a landscape product from the marketplace, upon adding it to a new UE4 4.16 project it looks amazing, renders perfectly. Upon importing the same product to my current project, running on 4.16 there’s a rendering issue with the landscape materials. They render as the checkerboard material in-editor and in-game. I’ve added a screenshot as to how this looks at the bottom. I’m looked at all of the materials in the material editor and everything renders perfect individually and looks great, but nothing displaying on the terrain.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for looking guys.


I did a bit of research into samples, changing the texture samples in the material to share, wrap corrected the issues!