Landscape LOD Distance Correlation With Streaming Distance?

Hey all,

I’m using a tiled landscape imported from World Machine, and when I was setting up my streaming and LOD distances, I started to wonder about the correlation between the two. Here’s a specific example:

I’ve got a flat area surrounded by mountains. I’ve set the flat landscape tiles to have smaller streaming distances, whereas I’ve set the tiles containing mountains to have much larger streaming distances. My reasoning for this is that at ground level, I obviously want to always be able to see the mountains, not just see the when I get close to the tiles the player is in. Otherwise the mountains just pop into existence when the player gets close to the tile they’re on.

This leads me to my question about LOD. You can obviously set individual streaming distances for each LOD, so should they be equal to, smaller, or larger than the streaming distance for the layer? For instance, the layer my mountains is on streams in and out at 200,000 units. My lowest (lowest resolution, LOD 3) LOD also streams in at 200,000 units. For some reason, this just doesn’t seem right in my head. I’ve attached a photo of world composition to illustrate what I’m asking.

Basically, I just want to know what my LOD distances should be compared with my overall level streaming distance.

Thank you!

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I’m following this topic too. I wonder what would be the best value for level streaming and LODs, do seperate LODs work with level streaming? Also, how to games like GTA manage this?