Landscape Layers Components Turn Grey After Painting

Hello! I am having an issue where I have a Landscape Material set up as from this video:

I have added another layer, and all the textures samples that go along with my layers (12 in total)

Everything works fine if I only paint 2 of the layers on a component, but as soon as I paint 3, the component turns into the default no textured grey checkerboard pattern.

After some reason I have seen that there is apparently a 16 texture sample limit? I’m wondering why this is happening as I am only at 12 texture samples.

Also, is there any way around this? If it helps I am using World Composition.

Forgot to mention, If I remove any one of the texture samples, painting works as is should, I can paint 3 layers per component.

So I remembered that I change the Texture Mode in my texture samples to Shared. That fixed my issue. If you need help with this let me know.

Nevermind. I decided to use layer blending and it seems to work fine… IDK…