Landscape layer visibility


Currently I can use a height map for blending between the layers. If my height map was a black texture with white dots, the red layer would have such blending with the blue layer (left), however, I want to use the height map in a way, that it paints the whites only (right). It would help a lot if someone can tell me the node setup. thanks.

Do you mean height based blending? Or landscape opacity?

Are you wanting to blend between grass and say rock, based on another image? Or have holes in the landscape?

Something exactly like this:


Notice the height map isn’t only for blending on the edges, but it’s affecting the layer even in the middle.

Yeah, that’s called Height Blending. In my opinion its more trouble that its worth.

I don’t think you fully understand my question. I know it’s height blending, what I don’t know is how both layers are mixed all the way together. (Not only at the edges).
As you see in the image above, grass is still there even though a rock layer is painted on top of it.

Just figured it out. So I can have both layers mixed with each other using the mask, not only for edge blending.

Just had to lerp the second layer with the first layer before linking it to the landscape layer node.

I understand the question perfectly, that’s why I linked to a page which explained the process…

You use a grey scale image/channel to determine where the blend occurs. The more you paint that new layer, the more solid it becomes, then you only see the bottom layer through the cracks, near the edges.