Landscape Creation and Foliage tools floating terrain. (...and unpaintable areas)

Learning UE4 through youtube tutorials, curently Virtus’ Level Design Series.

1: All is good, except some areas will not allow grass, dirt roads, or anything, to be painted on it.
It will be in random places, and typically…
2: … Floating grass and/or trees are near.

I do not have screenshots, but it looks similar to what is pictured in this thread:…-moving-i.html

  • Essentially the foliage or painting tool will go underneath one component/section and over the other, thus only one being affected.

I made another file, set to the standard layout in Virtus’ tutorial.

Took the sculpt tool and went really large on the mountains. Seemed fine.

Things started glitching on terrain with quick mass differences, (scaling in height quickly.)
Using the errosion tool, or retopography tool seemed to cause the issue… (Anything that causes extreme change to the landscape.)
Though in fairness one area in a valley would not paint.

Using smooth and retopograhy ‘fixed it’ - until the brush size went smaller and the over/under brush bit happened.

I dont know if Im using the tool wrong, too extreme with my landscape, or what is going on.

Thanks in advance for your time.

There are other methods of painting folliage:

  • one is experimental still: procedural folliage spawner volumes - you have a great control with the placement in all axis and also volume blockers to avoid spawning where you don’t want Procedural Foliage Tool Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation
  • the other is to create material masks for landscape and use the grass node

all googleable, just needed to know the nomenclature.

The painting tool is ok for final touches, the large scale you would use those two above separate or together

Thank you, Nilson.

What you suggested reminded me of what I recently saw in the marketplace from DevTon.
I assume this is the second method you are referring to?

“This Winter Landscape features an advanced landscape master material. The landscape is textured using a method of procedural alpha blending, and eliminates the need for painting. This method provides extreme customization allowing a unique look to your project based upon the alpha that you create.”

If so, I have another thread, trying to understand what makes DevTon, VEA, and PurePolygons nature packs unique to each other, as well as compliment each other.
(I used the Kite Demo material as a reference. As currently Ive been at the painting foliage phase, as Ive only come across Virtus’ youtube tutorials, for UE4, which are complete series.)

Thanks for the heads up on the differnt methods. I didnt realize for open world the foliage tool was not optimal.

Its more like a different tool for a different part of the job… If an artist would use different brushes for each part of the painting, you would also do the same:

  • procedural placement with volumes: to populate large areas with flowers, trees and large rocks
  • landscape material: great for grass and small rocks placement
  • foliage painting tool: to add details below rocks, near trees, at roads and downhills

GL on your experiments!