Landscape Block material

With Enable World Composition loaded levels, my Landscape is divided into 77 blocks.The Landscape resolution of each of my sub-blocks is 505505.Now I through LandscapeCoords node to a 3535 * 3535 map magnified 505 times.It is tiled over each of the sub-terrains.However, if I split the 3535 by 3535 map into 7 by 7, how can my texture be properly assigned to each piece of terrain?

It’s like spongebob squarepants divided into four tiles, each with 505 by 505 resolution for texture and terrain.How do I make my terrain textures when I import tiling into world composition,level?I know that when I zoom in on the Landscape coords 1010 times when the map is a whole, it shows up in its entirety.But now that I have divided the texture into 4 pieces, how should I connect the material nodes?I would be grateful if anyone is interested or has encountered this problem.

Did you find a solution? I would like to do the same