Landscape auto terrain mat help

This is what i have for my auto mat / auto terrain Screenshot - 4657ddbbb61c2ac860f85dd4605701d7 - Gyazo
and i’m trying to add these layers to the auto terrain but it seems to break every time i add them not sure what i’m doing wrong
Screenshot - f3a7e3f3d17387b399b554677289e49c - Gyazo
theirs not many good examples for this theirs lots for auto terrain and layering but not as one any one that has any suggestions would be great thank you all for your time do i use a matbreak after blend and lerp it to the main i may just be missing one little thing thanks AGAIN FOR YOUR TIME :slight_smile:

This is what I have and believe it or not it still works some just not doing a good job of anything right now I’m just not sure on how to add the 10 extra textures to the master layer so I can paint on my auto terrain any pointers would be good i have spent all day on google trying to get this fixed up maybe I’m just taking the wrong approach to the problem and maybe I need another function to do this my question is can I make it work :slight_smile: suggested why to hook it up would really give me a jump start