Landscape Auto Material

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Hey guys!
Take a look at VEA Games ROADMAP: upcoming LAM updates, features, bug-fixes and more!

Pretty awesome.

River Tool? That sounds really exiting. People are waiting for a nice way to create rivers in UE4 for years now. I can’t wait to see that!

It’s often “Compiling Shaders” when I paint my terrain. Is it possible to like do this for all shaders for once? Because it’s very annoying to wait for changes each time I paint on it.

Any updates regarding the roadmap? I’m loving the pack, but am looking forward to several of the features planned on the January section of the roadmap.

Since they mention 4.11 support in the February Update, they probably wait for the release of 4.11 :slight_smile:

hey I just got this and I have two things I need help with. First the auto foliage is way to large the standard third person model the grass and flowers come up past his waist(is there a way to scale this down?). Second the rocks have no collision and my actor just walks right thru them and the fact that they are bolder scale makes it kinda bad. Can the rocks be removed or collision added. I will definitely rate it 5/5 if i can fix these two things. thanks

I removed the boulders by replacing them in the Stones_01 Landscape Grass Type node. You can find it in the folder with the stone meshes. I originally tried just deleting it from the material, but then it wouldn’t compile for me. I just replaced all the boulders with more grass. I don’t know how to scale the grass, but when I replaced it with other grass meshes, it seemed to be at a more appropriate scale. Hope that helps.

How can i add another layer (for a road material)? Is there some easy way? Thanks

Just noticed a tutorial for “Creation of the additional MaterialLayer for Landscape with Foliage” is on the Roadmap.

When you change the layer info (first made all layers weight layers), you have to restart to make the changes becoming effective. To change just delete existing shared layer infos.

It would also be nice if the grass only appears in the camera view, instead in the player radius.

Reading the 28.4.16 Roadmap update, is the River tool still coming for the UE version? Thanks.

Hey, I am trying to add support for AO maps into the material. Currently it’s not working for some reason. I have everything hooked up the same way as the other maps, and even have the AO from BreakMaterialAttributes plugged into the MakeMaterialAttributes in the main master material. Am I missing something here?

Official support for AO maps would be great. I am sure I am not the only one who wants AO for the PBR pipeline.

Hey I’m new to Unreal coming over from Blender mostly because of this tool, I got it to work on my PC with some settings adjustment but I’d prefer to work on my Mac, so I need to figure out which 13 samplers to select in the shader editor rather than the 26 it is now, does anyone have a link to something that could help me?

Is there a new 4.11 update for this one or already functional with 4.11?

On the marketplace page for me it say compatible with 4.9 - 4.10.

Any details on the date for 4.11?

It seems to me that the author of this product doesn’t care to respond to messages put here. The one I posted in February was ignored…

You are probably better off contacting them here to get any response: