Landscape Auto Material

Nice. any time frame?

like button. Any timeframe?

someone know how to solve issue with missing collisions on stones placed in Landscape Grass Type, called “Stone_01”?


Any Timeframe?

I don’t think this plugin can be used in a map of 2km x 2km size, correct? What is the borderline of map size can build with this without having the crazy FPS drop? Like for GTX550 or maybe lower GPU? Especially a multiplayer online game map.


First of all I would like to thank for the excellent work. LAM really is a very beautiful work. See it as a positive feedback.

About [MENTION=24522]John Alcatraz[/MENTION] post below:

There is a river tool included in LAN?

Where? OK! Does not have a river tool! No problem :slight_smile: It can be found in Procedural Nature Pack 1 and the Kit Demo, but you only wants the a river creation tool using splines, the Kit Demo is only 30GB of wonderful content offered by Epic.

But the biggest problem is not lack of river authoring tool in LAM. The problem is, when I excavate the landscape with a lot of grass using displacement tool, a lot of grass remains under the ground, where should be the bottom of the river, and it is very difficult to erase when the terrain under the river is quite irregular. Some foliage can not be erased and remains consuming a lot of performance as phantom grass and flowers (non aquatic vegetation) scattered under the rivers.


There is a way to automatically delete foliage that reach to a certain depth or height (setting a foliage occlusion/erasing value, as Z depth/height)?

About new Features mentioned in the post below posted in 09-22-2016


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Has anyone tried LAM in Open World environment with world composition and level streaming using Procedural Foliage Tool Plugin like in Open World Demo Collection?
Could be really cool the LAM set up to use the Procedural Foliage Tool for spawning rocks, trees, grass, plants, etc.
I think collisions are supported within Procedural Foliage Tool

Hello @lunyBunny,

  1. Yes, River Tool is included in our latest update. Please see “River-Map”.
  2. You can use Foliage Eraser layer to remove grass you don’t want.
    As for “phantom” grass which sometimes could appears - it’s bug of UE4 Landscape Grass Output and could be in different landscape situations. You can solve it next way: duplicate landscape, than delete old actor and all things will works fine.
  3. Yes you can make a Zero-height layer with no grass. See “Sea-Map” as for an example.
  4. Yes, we still plan to add POM in the future updates

Sorry for a bit late reply (it’s more fasten to send feedback to

Is anyone else experiencing build issues with LAM? The Shipping Build of my game displays untextured quads with UE 4.15.2. Did I miss a setup step?


Hello Jerry,
Probably it’s a strange cooking bug:

There are couple solutions:

  1. Try to disable “compressed cooked packages”
  2. If you need to use “compressed cooked packages” disable “Exclude editor content when cooking”

Please give feedback after trying this solutions.

Kind regards,

I have a question:

I am using a camera perspective that is more top-downish than third person. The camera is about 5-7 meters above the ground.
The problem is that the smaller grass meshes fade out in that range. Not only leaves that ugly holes in the foliage but it creates some horrible flickering due to meshes popping in and out.

I wasn’t able to figure out how to control the distance at which this is happening. I assumed it would be controlled by the ‘Start/End Cull Distance’ in the Landscape Grass Type objects, but those don’t seem the have any impact.
Can someone help me with that?

Hello! Does anyone know how to add a snow material to the 9 that come with LAM? I would like the mountains in the background of my scene to have snowy tops!
Any tips/ pointers on this? Thanks

Hi, I’m having a trouble with framerate when applying LAM to my terrain. I figured it was because I have a large area that I have it applied to, so I cut a portion out to apply it only to /that/ portion, but I’m still getting framerate issues. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I loaded up some of the other example maps, but I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong. The imgur link is the portion I’m cutting out. It’s an 8x8 255x255 quads (section size), 17x16 components, and an overall resolution of 4336x2551. I also need to keep the resolution of a few key areas since I’m using lidar data and my project needs to be somewhat historically accurate. Here’s a screenshot of the terrain editor:

Any tips are appreciated! Thanks.

It took me a while to figure this out as well, for me it was the grass culling somewhere around 60,000 in the distance, I found that on the material used for the grass, “Grass00_Inst” in my case, I needed to adjust Render_Distance. Maybe it is the same issue you are seeing for the close up grass! Good luck!

I have problem scaling grass. I put min 0.1 and max 0.5 scale values in landscape grass types grass_01 and grass_02 but still I have 1m high flowers. Scaling seems to work only when splatter mask is disabled. When its enabled it seems not working correctly. Does someone have this problem?

In case if somebody searching for this later, I think we solved it. In Landscape Grass Type we used Scaling:Free and put 2 slightly different values in min and max, like min 0.4 … max 0.6, same 2 numbers for each dimension. Looks like everything scales allright now.

Dear SDVenom,

iam using now your material for a while and exepct of waiting for shader compiling, i will really love it ;).

i have a wish for the future or maybe you can help me to bind it in by myself.
i want to Scale Global Distance Tiling based on Camera Distance.

Take a look at the screenshots. i wasn’t able right now, to replace it with global scale, but i keep trying :slight_smile:

With Color:

With Texture

I don’t understand how the river works. I tryied to play with the setting but most of them do not look like being used. Is there a tutorial or doc somewhere?

i use it simply with Landscape Spline Tool. Also create an instance of the River material to play around with parameters.

How do you make the plants and rocks stop dissappearing a small circle from the camera ? i can’t find the distance lod or culling field thanks