Landscape Actor needs much more work. It crashes right and left

I’m working with Landscaping now and I must say, it is REALLY a drag. Most of the time, I create a new landscape actor, import a heightmap and do a few simple things and crash. I send all the crash reports but really, at this stage of the engine, I would not expect this part to be so buggy. You need to put a lot of work into stability here.

What do you exactly do?

Mostly just simple things. Basically I create a landscape actor in an otherwise empty level, load a heightmap, then save and then do things like adding or moving a lightsource and it crashes. It’s not always the same. I’m working with a streaming level setup. Earlier I noted that when I import into my streaming level setup I got two crashes in a row and then, when I imported the same heightmap into a landscape I placed in the 3rd person sample level, it worked. Later it worked in the streaming level too. Right now my workflow is import-click save all-pray every time I import a map. Once it is imported and saved and I reload the level after a crash it seems to be ok from there on

Please post any crashes and/or bugs on the AnswerHub in the Bug Reports section so that we can follow up and get anything reported that is not already.

You can follow the link in my signature for how to report a bug for the information we need to proceed.

Thank you!

Hey I uploaded all crashes through the crash reporter application. Just check for my account name in your crashdump database. I mostly included a short description of what I was doing at the time