Landscape | 3 Textures Blend (Beginner Question)

Hello everybody,

still in the beginning of Unreal Engine (Learning since half a year).

I am trying out the Landscape mode, especially painting 3 textures on it.
Have checked two very good tutorials about setting up the material functions of each texture, then combining it in one Material node, and creating the Material Instance to get it on the material.

Because of checking two tutorials, and getting the same result, I need your help. When I am painting two textures, everything is good. But when I am adding the additional third texture, the landscape is moving to its default gray preview mode and nothing happens.

Every texture is assigned the same way in the graph.

I can upload some pictures of the nodes itself, but maybe this is an easy answer, with just looking at the picture and reading my text.

Thank you very much, greetings Frederick

Absolut top-notch! Thank you again ClockworkOcean for answering so fast. It worked perfectly. Because I am so happy, I had to post the picture of the three materials applied to the landscape. Beautiful art… Not… :smiley:

  • I was watching one tutorial about the “sampler source”, and I am curios, would you apply the “shared wrap” to every texture sample? In this case, I have for each material four textures (BaseColor, Roughness, Normal, Displacement). And of course the three materials I mentioned before. Or could the “texture sampler” be too big.

Thank you, greetings Frederick